Meet Teen Blogger Aidan Leonce

Hey guys!!! Here is a special treat for our weekly interviews. I hope all of you are having a great weekend while are busy voting for your favorite blogs.  In recent times, blogging has become more and more accessible, therefore making it much easier for anyone to start one. It is so easy to see teenagers have found their way blogging in many countries but not in Tanzania. We are still a little behind on this.

I was a little puzzled, a little disappointed and disbelieved when we didn’t receive any nomination under the Tots category that was meant for anyone who was between the ages of 12-18 yrs old. Today I’m so thrilled to have Aidan on our weekly interviews and I am so proud to announce that he is a truly our first known product of The Tanzanian Blog Awards. Serious, I am not bragging but I am just telling the really story about Aidan. I received his email two days ago as he was so excited to found out his blog was one of the blogs nominated for the best design blog. 

You know this is what we believe knowledge is power and when you empowering other people the atmosphere that will be returned to you are improving your own sense of self-awareness and confidence. We are all in this life together, and helping others achieve their goals can get our own on track. Well, when Aidan read one of our posts here he put into action. He had the idea of how to start a blog and he tried before but that motivation was not there yet. He is very good in designing and once he found out owning a basic blog doesn’t cost anything he went on to open not just one blog but more than one. After I read his email I went to check his blogs and I truly believe that he is one of the very few young talent boys and is incredible at what he does. I couldn’t even catch up by the number of the blogs he had already opened.  

He has so many good blogs so I had to advice him again that maintaining a blog is not a simple task. In order to able to give 110% and deal with his studies it's better to work on just one or two  blogs for now. The number of people visiting his main blog for just this short period of time is very promising and just showing that there are so many people eager to learn from anybody regardless of  age.

I am so thrilled to have you here and just tell us something about yourself?
I am a young boy full of ambition still in secondary school. I am in form two and living with both my parents at Bukoba municipal.

Do you mind to tell the world your age?
Not at all, I am 14 years old.

What is your typical day like?
My typical day life is all about studying. Mostly is taking care of my school lessons, charting with my home friends, switching to social networks or now  updating my blog.

What do you like do to when you’re not in school studying and now not blogging?
Visiting friends, watch television or playing play station game.

Do you like to read books? What are your favorite books and why?
Yes I do, my favorite book is STORY TIME IN AFRICA. It is a series of 10 books and in these books from the first book  all are gratefully dedicated to the African people to share their happiness.

Those books seem fun and great books to read. So you are one happy camper all the times, sharing your happiness with your family and friends around. Is there any food you refuse to eat?
No, but there are some that I just don't like.

When did you start to know that you like to do web/blog designing?
When I completed my primary studies. I started using internet services and that was when I tried to design a blog and it worked so I started practicing.

What kind of tools do you use when designing?
The first tool is a computer, different blogging platforms and adobe Photoshop software.

I know you are pretty new on this but can you tell us about your blogs and future plans?
My main blog is about giving the news to the people all over the world. My future plan is setting up a high tech company that deals with designing, maintaining and hosting  websites and blogs.

What has surprised you most since you started writing your blog? Good or bad.
Big number of visitors visiting my blog that surprised me a lot and now being interviewed here.

What do you foresee yourself doing in 5 years from now?
Getting into college and eventually becoming a professional blog and web designer.

Tell us one thing about you that would surprise us?
That I am a young guy and my blog has been nominated for the best design blog in Tanzania blog awards. Is that not surprising enough?

Is there anything interesting you'd like to share to others?
I think everybody should have his/her BlogSpot just like the way we have e-mail accounts.

Mhh that is a very interest thought and what advice would you give other teenagers who are scared to get into this industry?
Trust yourself, try and fail but never fail to try. It's very simple in blogging and is pretty funny too.

How would you complete this: I am in this land because……I like blog activities?!!!!

Thank you Aidan we are so proud of you and we wish you all the best in your studies and in all your future endeavors.

If you or someone you know would be great for our Weekly Blogger Interviews, please email us at Tanzanian Blog Awards and tell us!

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Anonymous said...

Wow!that is really interesting,BIG up to Aidan,he ROCK! i think i'm gonna start my own blog soon.i was just a little bit afraid but after seeing this article i think i'm gonna give it a try!