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Are you a Tanzanian blogger or does your blog focus on Tanzania?

Has your blog been updated in the last six months?

Is your blog public accessible?

If so, please allow us to add your name to this list by sending your blog to


Salum Suleiman Lyeme said...

yes. I allow you to add my blog to

Admin said...

Salum, I am not able to access your blog through your name up here to get the URL. Email me your link and I will add it to our Directory List.

Anonymous said...

admin nakushukuru saana kwa kuiadd blogu yetu ya kijiji cha Bugango. kama una ushauri wowote tunaomba usisite kutujuza. tunapokea maoni, ushauri, kukosoa, kusifia na kadhlika.

Shaaban said...
This comment has been removed by the author.