Short Notes

We are so thrilled with how many Tanzanians and non Tanzanians around the world taking their time sending us all these comments and questions. Due to the fact that we have only one volunteer blog administrator we will send email acknowledgment responses only for now. If your question needs more attentive responses we will reply to your email within 36 – 48 hours.

A few notes you should know:-

1. Do not nominee a forum.

2. You can nominate your own blog.

3. Any blogging platforms are accepted (Blogger, Wordpress and Typepad)

4. If you have more than one blog with different names but the same material you can nominate both blogs but on our directory list we will list only one blog.

5. Blog nominated should published in Swahili, English or both languages. If your blog is not published in any of these languages, the language translator tool should be present on the blog.

6. Our directory list is not only for few selective blogs, if you’re a Tanzanian blogger or you are original from Tanzania weather you blog is published in English or Swahili you’re more than welcome to send us your link and we will add into our list.

7. Yes, the blog administrator speaks fluent Swahili. If you have a question and feel more comfortable to address your question in Swahili do so. We will respond back to you in Swahili. You don’t have to use Google translator. It makes the question more complicated and hard to understand.



I would welcome to take this opportunities to thanks you all for what u did, Actually is good thing and more support should be given to you. But I would like to send my link to you and i will request you also to add my link in blogs directory my link is with the TITLE LUKAZA.ou will hope you will work upon my request due to the few notes number 6.

Admin said...

Thanks for the kind words.