Interview With La Princessa

I would like to introduce our first interview with Laprincessaworld, a blog that showcases fashion from all angles, achievements by great pioneers, mouth gappin news of fashion, Tanzania, Africa or world. From a writer who tackles all things left behind in African or world politics with wit and humor.... If you haven’t seen it before you really must go have a look. Welcome to Tanzanian Blog Awards La Princessa. Can you tell us a little about you and your blog?

La Princessa World is a blog which rotates around the eyes of La Princessa.. Just a girl in the African diasporas who opens eyes to African/Tanzanian fashion, magazines, entertainment, daily news [only ones that are striking or extremely funny or inspiring].. celebrities, music and funny happenings from around the world to connect to her fellow Tanzanians and Africans through pictures and news that they send me, in their cities...Also I am a writer and I comment and give my honest opinion on most of the news or fashion or anything I put on the blog.

Are you a full time blogger? How did you get into blogging and why?

No, I am not a full time blogger, its a part time thing since I have work and school..there are days the blog has gone without posts for 1 week, but I try my best to update it every single day. I started the blog when one day I was looking at these American blogs, which have fashion, entertainment, humour, celebrities and I thought, Why not have a Tanzanian blog of the like, a source of entertainment to fashion to burning news to humour...

What do you find most challenging about blogging about your topic?

Connecting to the people, getting their attentions, getting them to take me seriously.. I am just a young blogger and in that case I'm considered not to have a say in political issues on Africa or Tanzania, like once I wrote a piece about Aid in Africa, since I’m a writer I write articles for my blog every now and then..but you see I got so much negative response... people asking me who am I how old am I? Why do I think I have a say on aid in Africa and African economies.. I study business and economies and I have quite a different view of development and the aid industry, I believe everyone opinion is important

How many years have you been blogging?

My blog is exactly 1 year old, but I learned a lot before I was blogging for other big bloggers until I decided to branch off.

What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

I write, I am writer and often I write articles for magazines, it’s basically my job and when I'm not working, I’m either somewhere hanging out with a couple of friends about town or sporting events...zoo visits (I love animals) or somewhere curved in a corner watching Formula 1 with popcorn

How many times do you think about your blog when you’re away from the computer?

Not at all, When I leave the computer..thats it...amazing really, I can detach any time! Unless I have dying urge to write.

Who are your readers?

Mostly I've come to notice, majority of my readers are Tanzanians abroad, or Africans Abroad who want to know more about fashion back home, funny news and African happenings...the sort, but I do have a large traffic from Tanzania but its not as big as the ones from USA to UK who email me about fashion and entertainment, humor, love and relationships.

Is there any other networking that you do to help your blog reach you targeted readers?

Yes! I have a Facebook page for my blog, I have quite a large Facebook friends list and when I was starting the blog, there were no Tanzanian bloggers who actually knew me to promote me for more views. I asked a few but well, it wasn’t so easy to get the big bloggers to help me out in getting views So I decided to use my own friend base. I made a page for it on Facebook and requested all my 4700 friends to view it...and before I knew it I was getting 1000 views a day, that was a good number for me considering I only used to hit 100-150 views a day.

What was the most challenging moment in your blog content development process and why?

I have this Panel, for covers, since I love reading magazines, I always put covers of magazines and their core story...magazines like ELLE, VOGUE, COSMOPOLITAN, ARISE, ALLURE, FORBES ESSENCE, TRUE LOVE ..I got a few questions on why I don’t do many African magazines and even got a few negative responses on being too western on my blog. The problem with some African magazines is that they don’t put their stuff out as much as western magazines, it gets hard for me to find them..Magazines like Essence have twitters and blogs and websites and Facebook pages, it is fully connected with its readers, but some of these most loved Magazines are hard to come by and I have no access to their covers and core stories except a few Nigerian and South African magazines that I've managed to get my hands on, so, I had to make a list of African magazines special and I looked high and low for magazines and their content. I even went to Tanzanian editors to nag them for their latest covers and core story but nothing; they don’t know that putting these things in the media eye is reaching out to the consumer. They still feel like it just ruins the surprise I’m glad to say I found at least 12 African magazine covers which are really interesting.

How do you handle it when you just can’t think of an idea to write about?

I call it a slow blog day, they happen a lot, and sometimes I’m just blank when that happens, I drink some milk and cookies and go to sleep, and an idea always winds up later.

What is your strategy with your blog in general?

To get more people readers to be in touch with African beauties, African amazed with Africa and display the positives of Africa since all the negatives have already been covered by the western media!

Is it better to get facts from someone else, or conduct your own experiments for results?

In many cases I have conducted my own experiments, done my own little surveys but then it’s important to have valid sources that you can rely on. My blog is still young and I’m still building my source base from people to writers to creators to art...getting news from someone else is not wrong, as long as you credit them for the work that they do, you're sharing

What’s the best thing a blogger can give to his readers?

Real life stories and situations, real life articles on current issues! It’s the best ever! I had an article about Tanzanian children abroad and it boomed, everyone was sharing it..people love to read about situations concerning them, also I had an open letter to Kilimanjaro music awards about 2011 music awards and it was a major hit and increased my views in two days!

How would (someone) describe your blogging style?

I am connected blogger, I love sharing what I think and making it sound a little funny and I love keeping people updated and communicating with others.

What has been your strategy for creating visibility to yourself and your blog?

I've interviewed a couple of names in fashion world, like Tausi Likolola, Rayon Rashid..and Noella Coursaris - people who influence Africa and give back. I believe it is people like this who 'matter' because they're doing something to the community that other people want to see and they’re beautiful! I also am big in interacting with everyone I meet from other bloggers to icons.

Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post. Name yours and why?

A picture says a thousand words, in these type of posts, I take a picture and either say what I think is being said in the picture or leave it to the viewer, its usually a silly ridiculous picture that got me laughing or amused me.
My least favorite post-when I don’t like a post, I don’t post it.. Period.

Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?

My Favorite Blog is Africa is a Country, in my view, it is the best African blog out there, showing the happenings in Africa positives that are never featured in the media, entertaining with witty Humour, things that amuse you about Africa, I love it. Wish I could do just that for Tanzania as well and is remarkable, extremely funny and truthful.. I love everything she has to say about Tanzania, Africa plus it is nice to read about Tanzania from a foreigner point of view.

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working on your blog?

I've been in contact with big names like Tami Carr, a Liberian girl I believe she is one the first few Africans to have her won fragrance, designers like Sheria Ngowi.. Politicians, models and fashion icons like Noella Coursaris Congolese model and African Good doer.. I've also met many other bloggers from around the world who inspire me.

Do you think you owe someone for commenting on your blog?

I owe them a thank you for passing through and reading and reacting

Is it worth replying to comments on your blog knowing that most of your replies will never be responded to or even read again?

I wouldn’t say that, from the track record I have kept most visitors do visit back at least once after commenting. I believe its just to see if I've replied back, its how we humans work you see.. We’re curious and I do reply back to the comments, all together or one by one depends on how much time I have on my hands that day.

Have you ever thought of not approving a comment because it is negative knowing nobody will find out?

I approve all comments, negative or positive. The whole point of blogging is writing and seeing what people think and connecting to them. It would be meaningless to hide a comment simply coz it’s negative

Do you think people who comment on your blog with keywords in their name are worth being replied to, or even acknowledged in your blog?

I reply to everyone...unless I haven’t seen the comment, sometimes when there are too many comments or none, I just let it be.

Do you think it’s wrong to comment on your blog under a different name?

YES! It’s like cheating in an exam! What’s the point of blogging if you're going to comment on it yourself?. It’s sad and pathetic! And I’ve seen a couple of Tanzanian bloggers who do this. The thing people forget is, your readers are not stupid, after reading a couple of posts from your blog they know your diction and your reactions and what you favor for and what you favor not for.. And when you comment on your own blog, trust me..THEY KNOW! At least the smart ones will put the pieces together.

Do you value every comment you get on your blog the same, regardless of the content of the comment?

Yes! I do! I’m glad to say that my blog is reader-friendly. I don’t have all these harsh people angry x rated comments. I’m proud of reader base that show intelligence wit, interest, support and never negativity to the maximum.

Do you believe comments on your blog with more writing should be valued and rewarded higher than comments with less writing?

Every comment is a comment, every word has a meaning, just coz its a longer word doesn’t make it more important..

Are you easily discouraged?

I’m not easily discouraged. I’m actually very strong headed and determined.. It’s hard to break me when I’m into something, really hard!

Are you ever willing to edit an image you use in your blog post to make it look more appealing and eye catching?

I think everyone is! From Magazines, to television, to banners to blogging!

Do you avoid posting controversy on your blog because you have none to post, or you’re afraid someone might disagree with you?

I’m afraid of people disagreeing with me but I do post controversy on my blog because I want to learn more like what they will disagree with, what I’m missing and things I don’t know...The readers often know more than the writer.

Would you feel more accomplished if you got 20 comments from “regular” bloggers, or just 1 comment from a highly respected “famous” blogger?

It doesn’t matter the name or the fame.. All I care about is that It is a comment! Heck the president could comment on my blog and he'd be just a man to me! I’m not that type of blogger who cares for big names; they've let me down too much.

Do you define your blog as a success if you make a lot of money from it and get a lot of comments per post?

I believe blogging success is when you start getting recognition from your community from and abroad. That is when you're a blogger success, when you start being influential.

Are you a “thinker” and “planner” instead of a “doer”?

I am all in a bag chips! but mostly I am a thinker.. I started being a planner just recently!

Are you being as personal as you can with your readers (picture of yourself, small bio, etc.)?

I’m very bad at showing my personal life coz no matter how comfortable I am with talking about it, I am extremely private with my personal life, though that’s about to change, since I’m considering Video blogging.

What are some of your goals this year for your blogs or where do you see yourself blogging wise in the next 12 months, and 5 years down the road?

Goals...I wanted to go back to Tanzania and get more active with the fashion society, street fashion and attend one of those effective meetings for youth and communities and expand my base. 12 months I am planning a trip to Himalayas and taking a break from blogging for 2 weeks ….5 years - Publishing!

Any specific tips you have for new bloggers who want to make it in the blogosphere?

Blog what’s real! Don’t just take pictures of Nicki Minaj and Britney spears and call it a post, Have Element!

What is the ultimate goal for a blogger in your opinion?

Society Influence and Recognition. Bloggers have taken on journalism, its important that ur views are heard and respected! There are more people reading blogs today than reading newspapers. This whole internet phase is killing print media, be in the circle to make that change to get that positive response.

A lot of people are interested in blogging for the money earning potential. What are some tips for people interesting in making money from blogging? What are some realistic expectations in regards to what can be made?

It takes a while to start making money from blogging, and I think anyone who is doing something for the purpose of money won’t achieve it. When you do something moneyfront, expect disappointments because you’re not doing it with your heart. Align why you’re blogging first, let yourself be heard, let the people trust you, the money will come.


Biche said...

"Blog what’s real! Don’t just take pictures of Nicki Minaj and Britney spears and call it a post, Have Element!"

Hear, hear!

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Whaoooooooooooooo..... very proud of you La Princessa! Go Jackie.

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Awesome post…I love finding out about other bloggers!!!

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I highly recommend checking out her blog...Awesome blog!

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Great interview in all ways!!!!!!

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I've been checking her blog since late Last year.. Glad she is getting the recognition she deserves...

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Hey! Hata siamini ni wewe. 1st u luk good.Gal. 2nd goodluck w/ all u do. NtakutFuta kwenye blog yako 2 catch up.

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Am proud of u...this is goodstuff

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